Coy was battling for me the whole time. At no time did I feel like Coy was in it for himself...it was all about me.  Coy will still contact me to make sure the settling process is going well. Coy made me feel like family and not just another client. Thanks Coy!
-Delfina Navarette

Sell for 3.5% Commission

We are full service. We deliver above and beyond customer service to our clients. We start with an extensive marketing plan, which begins with a custom website for each listing, and posting your listing to over 75 different websites. We believe in starting with a strong internet platform, followed up by good old fashioned open houses. We will host open houses to market your property, schedule showings, follow up and communicate with our clients. Will will go above and beyond for you.  This is our promise of Full Service.



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See How Much You Could Save

3.5% Commission

$10,500 Total Commission

Based on $300,000 sales price




Based on $300,000 sales price

 $18,000 Total Commission

3004 Hollins

Saved $4,421

Saved $4,421


3004 Hollins

Saved $4,421

3004 Hollins

Saved $4,421

3004 Hollins

Saved $4,421

Full Service Real Estate Company

  • Post listings to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com 

  • Schedule showings

  • Communicate daily and weekly

  • Email weekly status updates

  • Provide feedback from showings

  • Host and market open houses

  • Custom property website

  • Entry into multiple listing services

  • For sale sign with flyer box

  • 25 high resolution photos

  • Panoramic photos

Call Today 661-888-4311

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