Pay it Forward Mentoring Program

Being a mentor and getting mentored is a beautiful thing!  We believe in collaboration and team work. 

Our Pay it Forward mentoring program is designed to teach new agents the ins & outs of real estate.  Upon entering the program you will be assigned an experienced agent to shadow.  Your first 3 deals will be a 50/50 commission split.

Benefits include:

Learn all the steps from a-z on your first few transactions

Learn how to find potential clients

Learn how to write a sales contract/listing agreement

Learn how to get your clients pre-qualified

Learn how to show property to buyers

Learn how to negotiate a deal

Learn how to open escrow/work a transaction

You can feel comfortable knowing you have an experienced agent working with you side by side on your first few deals to guide you and answer all your questions.  Now that is truly priceless!

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Are you an experienced agent looking to become a mentor?

I'm sure someone taught you a few things along the way of your career.  Return the favor today, and sign up to become a mentor for young agents.  Receive a 35% referral fee when your agent closes their first three deals of the program.  Take the agent under your wing and show them how to do things the RITE way!

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