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Preferred Partners

We believe in working with people we know and trust and that are reliable.  It's a huge part of what makes us successful. We like to acknowledge that, below you will find a list of our partners below. Please contact them for more information. 

John Gardella


I am John Gardella, your mortgage professional. As a Skyline Home Loans loan officer my reputation is built on professionalism, integrity and the ability to keep transactions on track. I am dedicated to helping clients obtain a mortgage that fits their specific home ownership needs and goals. I am passionate about helping my clients and focus on bringing you peace of mind throughout the home buying process.


Daniel Watson


When it comes to preparing for the future it’s important to work with someone who has the foresight and proven experience to help you navigate life’s changes successfully.


That’s where we come in. Whether you’re just starting out, growing your family, getting ready for retirement, or looking for a way to protect all that you’ve worked for, our Agents can help you find the right solutions to make the most of today, tomorrow, and the years to come.

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